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Why tint?

Style - Enhance with a custom look


Privacy - Darken glass to help create



Comfort - Stay cooler and have l

less glare 


Health - Help block 99% the sun’s

harmful UV rays 


Interior - Avoid interior crack and fading



Keep your littles happy. 

Enhance with a custom look


Darken glass to help create



Stay cooler and have less glare 


Help block 99% the sun’s

harmful UV rays 


Avoid interior crack and fading


Why Tint?

Reno Shade offers several different film choices to empower your vehicle. Different shades can range from a clear film with a low-key look to a dark film with a dramatic look. Metal free, ceramic or carbon film technology keeps GPS, satellite radio and cellular phone signals free from interference. 

Offered film -

                      Evolve Ceramic Film: Our highest- performing tint is engineered to deliver extreme solar- Blocking performance impressively rejecting up to 94%of infrared heat. Over 99% UV protection along with glare protection, helps safeguard against skin damage, interior fading, and eye fatigue.


  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty

  • The skin cancer foundations seal of recommendation

  • Next Evolution in ceramic technology

  • Up to 94% IR heat rejection

  • Over 99% UV protection

  • A/C relief


                   Ceramic Film IR Series: This series is a technologically advanced product line with outstanding top-performing films. Enhancing solar performance, infrared rejection and maintaining a fully nonmetal construction. 

  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty 

  • Advanced nonmetal technology 

  • Color change resistant 

  • Maximum heat rejection and 99% UV rejection

  • Clear Tech Communications

                      Carbon CXP: This series is an enhanced performance non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology. 

  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty 

  • Color change resistant 

  • Sufficient heat rejection and 99% UV rejection 

  • Clear tech Communications

                    Metal-Dyed HP: This series is a great value with a hybrid metal dyed automotive tint. This type of

film has a time-proven construction with a reflective quality. 

  • Manufacturer’s ten-year warranty 

  • 98% UV rejection 

  • Scratch resistant coating 

Reno Shade offers serval different film solutions for a better home and work life. Different films solutions range from innovated solar, security and specialty films.  


Solar Films: Solar film technology is engineered to help reduce harsh glares,

hot spots and sun fading. The film technology offers a protection level and

provides a look to fit every home or business preference.


Security Films: We understand how important it is to feel safe at home or at your business. Security film benefits include indoor privacy, anti-graffiti, and glass safety. Outsmart intruders by applying security films to your glass. 


Decorative Films: Decorative films can transform any architectural space. They can soften and filter light. Create a private business office with a modern look, darken a room for a home movie theater or turn a master bath into a private escape. 


Type of film:  "SunTek is a trustworthy product that is engineered with technologies ranging for time-tested to cutting-edge.” 

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“I recently just got my windows tinted, and Dustin did a great job! It didn’t take long at all, the tint is good quality. Would definitely recommend! Good prices too!”

- Shayna 


“The previous tint on my truck needed to be replaced. Took it to Dustin @ Reno Shade he was quick with the removal and install, got his new ceramic tint, great pricing, will be a repeat customer.” 

- Eric 


“Took my Chevy Tahoe into Reno Shade so I wouldn’t feel like I was driving around in a fish bowl. Dustin was fast and friendly with great pricing. My 1 year old even loves it! If the sun is in his eyes while driving now we are in for a noisy car ride. Happy Baby, Happy Mom!”  

- Jesse M. 


“Customer Service is A+: quick and friendly. Great Quality work and attention to detail. If you need your windows tinted this is the place to go!”

- Cheyenne 

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